EXW Adrenaline Rush 07.19.2011 — Dom Vitalli, Tyson Tyler, Val Venis

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Adrenaline Rush – July 19th

The boys of the Freak Squad waltzed out to the still-unfamiliar new tune. Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli was very generous with his own compliments, as well as the praise for his tag team partner, Gabriel Gallo. Touting the Heavyweight Belt, his focus turned to Andrew Hellman, whom he had brutalized at the previous show. He called out the broken star to the ring, which he painfully hobbled out to. After a long exchange of words, Hellman asked for one more shot, which Vitalli eventually agreed to.

Match #1
Dom Vitalli
Andrew Hellman
EXW Heavyweight Championship

Immediately, the champion pounced on Hellman, attempting to make it a quick contest. But, in a sudden, though somewhat predictable way, Hellman countered with a jarring clothesline. Having disposed of his neckbrace, he assaulted a very stunned Vitalli, as the wheels slowly clicked in the heads of the crowd and they erupted. The match moved all over the place, with Vitalli violently crashing down on Hellman right in front of our table. Both had a fire that was clear from start to finish, including when the intricacies began to unwind. Some brass knuckles were thrown into the mix, but Hellman put up a fight. They eventually connected, but Hellman kicked out. In a whirlwind, Hellman had finished Vitalli off, as the ref counted to three. But, as he celebrated his brand new championship, Gallo and Vitalli stated that Hellman had used the brass knuckles himself, forcing the ref to not only frisk him and discover the weapon, but to also reverse the decision.
Winner: Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli

It’s been a whole minute or two since Adrenaline Rush kicked off in such a way. It was the kind of display you see in main events, but it felt fresh to start with something so mind-blowing.

Match #2
Crash Test Cody
Josh Carey

It really is nice to have Crash Test Cody back. He’s definitely someone I regret forgetting. And my, my…how far Josh Carey has come. Nothing remarkable resulted from this match, and it was definitely a filler. But it was very interesting to watch the countless reversals that lead into bigger moves that simply erupted before a surprising victory.
Winner: Josh Carey

Carey seemed to have an ally approach him, when Sal sauntered out to his same tune, but with a little less spring in his step. He clapped for the winner, but suddenly attacked. Once he was through, he addressed the chant that used to ring in his ears: “Sal’s gonna die.” He confirmed that Sal had, in fact, died. And from those ashes, The Pali Prince—as he would henceforth be known—emerged. His new music hit (which I was incredulous about, considering how much I adored his previous song).

Match #3
Moshpit Mike

I’m not sure if I just drink too much, or if this is one of the first real times that Mosh has had a microphone. Either way, he started off by chatting for a moment, yelling at the fans for their deplorable use of the “You can’t wrestle!” chant, despite the now very audible retort of “Yes he can!” But, he wanted a real challenger. So he called out a man who was 0-5 in EXW, and Clutch made his entrance. He had barely climbed into the ring when Mosh jumped, but it was still a quick bout, with an abrupt roll up for his first victory.
Winner: Clutch

To shift gears, Derick Neikirk and Val Venis—Team Elite—made their way out. They once more wanted to discuss the EXW Tag Team Champion, A-Train/Giant Bernard. They wanted him, along with his partner, Machine Gun, to scurry on back to EXW to defend those belts.

Match #4
Ray Basura
Cutler Wright

It feels worth noting that I firmly, and whole-heartedly believe that Ray Basura should always start off his matches with a promo. Why I think this, you’ll just have to watch the video. Moving on from there. Basura was loaded with his usual personality, which was almost entertaining enough in itself. I will, however, say that the match lagged a bit, and neither man showed off their true power. But I’ve seen more than enough greatness from both, that I’m not at all concerned about it.
Winner: Ray Basura

Match #5
Dark Side
Kyle Hawk

Now, for a tough one. I love when new people are introduced, especially ones with names that remind me of my favorite movie saga. But something didn’t sit right from the get-go. Hawk is best when he has momentum and air, but didn’t seem to be presented with an opportunity to do so. I did enjoy when both ventured outside the ring, where there was a bit more breathing room. But other than that, I was ready for the next match.
Winner: Kyle Hawk

Match #6
Rexx Reed
Shadow Fox

There was something odd about Shadow Fox when he entered. His biceps seemed a bit larger than normal…then the realization hit. Miracle Mike James ripped off the mask, facing the man who had injured him so severely months ago. James wanted Reed back in the ring, but the delightful Steve Osborne entered to put the kibosh on that notion. He reminded James that he is not medically cleared to wrestle, but offered a solution. The two seething stars agreed to an unsanctioned match at the next show, throwing the EXW rulebook out the window and foregoing the protection the company provides. Needless to say, the fans lost their minds.

Match #7
Cedric the Hitman and Woodrow Santanelli
The Business
Tyson Tyler and Johnny Stamboli
The Network
Tables Match

Well, this match certainly grabbed my attention. Mainly because Cedric was violently thrown into our table, which spilled my beer (always a wrestling show faux pas), but not as much as it could have, thanks to my beer-flexes. Anyway. Poor Tyler’s leg was the subject of yet another violent attack, as the two Businessmen worked diligently on it. It was interesting this time around, because we could actually see Woody’s irate glance as he stalked around the ring, a character quirk I’m really digging. Especially when he shoved former tag team partner Ryan Castellucci off his chair, to attempt to use on Tyson. This caused the fist-pumping icon to pull it away from him, enraging him further. Before I knew it, the boys of the Network were setting up for the GFY, on the massive Woody Santanelli, sending him through the table with a horrible thud.
Winner(s): The Network


Overall, this show was great. The fans were definitely into most of what the boys were putting on. Not to mention, a lot was set up for the next show, as well. Personally, I’m counting down the days.

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