DC Comics Relaunch: Conner Kent Is Still Superboy

At the San Diego Comic Con over the weekend, during the Superman panel, Superboy writer Scott Lobdell had a few things to say about the Boy of Steel that might put some fans at ease.

Like that the Conner we’ve known for the last eighteen years. not some new clone, or a robot, or whatever. This is Conner Kent, Kon-El, Superboy.

He just happens to have been kidnapped six months prior to the first issue by a group called N.O.W.H.E.R.E. who attempt to reverse engineer him, but wind up screwing everything up because of his Tactile Telekinesis (or the one thing he can do that Superman can’t). So he’s going to wind up a blank slate as far as memories go, and his powers may not seem to be exactly the same, but he’s the same exact guy. And that his history seems to have been, aside from that, nearly identical to how it was before…up until Teen Titans #1 by Geoff Johns….which apparently never happened.

Oh, and he’ll also be a villain for the first year of Teen Titans.

But hey, it’s not a reboot!

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