DC Comics Relaunch: Jim Lee & Brett Booth Teen Titans OR Young Justice Pics Of Superboy, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash & Red Robin

During SDCC, DC release various preview pages and concept art concerning several books that are part of the New 52 and DC Comics Relaunch.

Arguably, no title is being more impacted, relaunched, reborn, rebooted, whatever than Teen Titans. And, it would also appear that DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns’ run on Teen Titans has been wiped out for the DC Comics Relaunch completely.

During some DC Comics Relaunch panels over the weekend in San Diego, DC revealed that the Teen Titans book will take on a more Young Justice like tone. Whether this refers to the animated TV show or Peter David’s comics series was not mentioned, but my money’s on the current TV series.

The new Aqualad, who was profiled heavily in Brightest Day and is part of DC’s diversity drive, is scarce in any preview pages or Teen Titans concept art. This leads me to believe that (a) DC will drop that surprise later or (b) he won’t be part of Teen Titans Year One, where Superboy will be the team’s main villain, but Aqualad will be more part of Geoff Johns’ new Aquaman series.

On the left and right you have two preview pages from the Scott Lobdell written and Brett Booth drawn Teen titans featuring Wonder Girl and an adaptable, practical Red Robin. Below are the Jim Lee concept art for Superboy, Kid Flash and Wonder Girl.

So, what do you think?

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