The Young Bucks Respond To RVD’s Comments

The two men of Generation Me/The Young Bucks addressed the comments that RVD made pertaining to “certain young stars” not asking the vets for advice.

“We knew he was talking about us. At first, we were like why? I didn’t feel like either of us had any issues with Rob. Rob always seemed like a loner who just did his own thing. He’s not exactly the kind of guy that you would approach. Every day we saw him at TV, we both said ‘hi’ to him. So he didn’t have the right to make comments like that. Just because we didn’t go to Rob specifically, I hope he didn’t take that personally. If we needed any advise, we would go to veterans like Terry Taylor, D-Lo Brown, Tommy Dreamer or Al Snow.”

They also discussed their signing with TNA, and ultimately leaving TNA, on a radio interview for Right After Wrestling. Listen to it here.

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