Flashpoint Spoilers: Who Was Team 7? A Green Lantern And A Bat On The Team?

Wildstorm fans are quite familiar with Team 7, a group of covert ops military specialists who were given super powers by their boss, powers which led them down all kinds of different paths. You can trace most anything in the Wildstorm universe from these characters, this group, From Gen13 and DV8 who were the children of these men, to WildC.A.T.S. where Grifter was on Team 7, or Wetworks being led by Dane, or Backlash being on Stormwatch. Team 7 is the building blocks of Wildstorm.

And in Lois Lane and the Resistance Grifter confirms that it’s part of his origin. Only…¬†severely¬†altered.

Grifter’s group is made up of himself, Lady Blackhawk, Sargent Rock, Lieutenant Reid, John Stewart, Kate Kane, and Gunner.

Yes, that is Green Lantern 2814.2 John Stewart, and Batwoman Kate Kane. Lieutenant Reid I assume to be Lance Corporal David Reid, better known as Magog. Gunner is from the Losers, Lady Blackhawk is classicly from the Blackhawks but has been on the Birds of Prey for the last few years, and Sargent Rock is…well, he’s Sargent Rock.

This is an interesting team to say the very least.

Too bad they die a page after debuting. Grifter’s origin was not a happy one.

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