NFL Football: Chad Ochocinco Traded to New England

It’s hard to believe, but for Cincinatti fans, the Chad Ochocinco era has finally come to an end.

Chad Ochocinco has been traded to the New England Patriots on Thursday by the Cincinatti Bengals for a 2011 fifth round draft pick, and a 2012 sixth round draft pick.

Ochocinco was set to make $6.35 million with the Bengals this year. The Patriots wanted him to restructure his contract for salary-cap purposes, and Ocho agreed to facilitate the trade.

In his storied, and very vocal, ten year career with the Bengals, Ochocinco had seven 1000 yard seasons, and became one of the most feared receivers in the league.

“It’s 1 thing to jump and be able to land on 2 feet but I had no idea I was landing in Heaven. Hope all is well on this good Friday,” Ochocinco tweeted after the trade was announced.

Ochocinco may also have worked out another dea to get his No. 85 from tight end Aaron Hernandez. Ochocinco had on a No. 85 warmup shirt at Friday’s practice while Hernandez was sporting No. 81 on the field.

No doubt the colorful and vocal receiver will make the environment, both on and off the field, an interesting one around New England, but when it comes to football, it’s already clear Ochocinco is focused and his teammates expect nothing less than his personal best.

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