NFL Football: Reggie Bush to Miami Dolphins

Over the last year, Reggie Bush has not had really anything to be happy about. First, Reggie Bush breaks his leg in the regular season, then the Saints get knocked out of the playoffs by the Seahawks, followed by NCAA allogations that stripped him of his Heisman trophy and his BCS National Title with USC, making him a social pariah in Los Angelos, but luck is on the way. With all of this, it seems his career might just deteriorate, but new hope is on the way for the troubled running back.

On Thursday, the New Orleans Saints proposed a trade with Reggie Bush to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for reserve safety Johnathan Amaya and undisclosed draft picks. As well as the trade, Reggie Bush negociated a new two-year, ten million dollar deal with the Dolphins. The trade was announced on Friday.

Bush was due about $11.8 million this season, the last year of his contract with the Saints. It would have been difficult for the team to justify paying that, given their salary-cap constraints.

As the deal went through, Bush sent out a series of tweets. “Change is never easy but I look forward to building something special in Miami and can’t wait to embark on this new journey!” Bush said, adressing the trade. “To the city of New Orleans you will always have a place in my heart. … I love you guys you are my family & I will never forget our good times. … I wish the New Orleans Saints the best of luck I will always be a fan! The team, coaches, and fans will be deeply missed!”

I talk a ton about fantasy football, and with the Bush trade, I anticipate that Bush will be #1 on the Dolphins depth chart, meaning that Bush might become a serious fantasy factor for the 2011 season.

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