MLB: Hunter Pence Now With Philadelphia Phillies

This week in both the NFL and the MLB, the Philadelphia teams have made some incredible transactions.

The Phillies made its deadline trade Friday night, getting Pence from the Astros.

The National League East-leading Phillies got the right-fielder from Houston in exchange for three minor league prospects and a player to be named, deepening up their lineup as they try to make it back again to the World Series for the third time in the last four years. The Astros sent, with the All-Star, to the Phillies $2 million to help pay the $2.2 million left on Pence’s salary for the rest of the year, according to ESPN.

This trade could not have come for a more opportune time for Philadelphia. The NL East leader, in my opinion at least, just solidified their playoff birth with this trade. Already having massive stars such as Ryan Howard, Roy Halliday, Cliff Lee, and Cole Hamels, the Phillies look ready to make another deep playoff run.

For Pence, the trade is absolutely fantastic. Instead of being forced to be “the guy” day in and day out for Houston, he can take a lessened role, and be able to concentrate more on developing his skills as a player.

For Houston, while they did receive several future prospects, this is a terrible trade. I can never condone trading off your star player, EVER. I mean, he was the reason Houston fans were going to games, not the fact that they’re last in the league in wins. I understand the importance to develop your franchise for the long run, but this looks to be too good for the Phillies, and a big loss for the Astros.

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