Covert Affairs Episode 2-9 Review: Sad Professor

Danielle is one part of Covert Affairs which never fit. Her character is primarily used to be extra stress on Annie every once in a while, but nothing she’s ever done is crucial. I reckon the show, and people’s reaction to it, would largely be the same if Annie were living by herself and Danielle was never around. But Danielle is used effectively, as the theme of the episode was how CIA operatives deal with lying to their loved ones. Across all levels–with Annie, with the widow, and with Auggie–we get a good sense just how hard is for everyone involved.

On the other hands, Jai remains a useless character who definitely could have been excised from the show long ago. The stuff with Liza Hearn and his father was a start, but it went back to the norm this week, with Jai hooking up with a girl to copy her cell phone data. After one and a half seasons, the writers are still putting Jai into episodes and then giving him nothing or little to do. At least Danielle isn’t in every episode. Still, the episode was very solid despite the hiccups, the episode ends with Annie debating whether to tell her sister truth!

Score: 8.7/10