DC Comics Relaunch: New Fifth Batman’s ROBIN Takes On Red Hood & The Outlaws From Scott Lobdell?

DC Comics is hyping several new foils for its heroes debuting in its November 2011 shipping titles. Over the last few days they have released the covers with teaser lines from some of these books. While the full solicits are not available yet for the DC Comics Relaunch titles from November, there are some interesting questions posed upon gazing at the covers.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #3, a series on my top 19, written by Scott Lobdell with an intrguing cover by uber-talented Kenneth Rocafort stands out among them. A new band of villains called the Chamber of All debuts with dopplegangers of the Outlaws. Arsenal and Starfire deal with cracked mirror images of themselves. Red Hood, a former Robin under Batman, faces… another Robin?

Now, we’ll have to wait until November to learn about these new foils. Are they actual static dopplegangers of our Outlaws or are they mind-influenced villains whose powers and visages assume aspects of their opponents or are these villains something else entirely. If that Robin is a look back at Jason Todd, the current Red Hood, is this the retconned version of Jason’s “old” Robin costume sported by this new villain?

Looks like even if the DC Universe ends back to having 5 Robins, Stephanie Brown remains the odd Robin out. Will this new Chamber of All unveil even more logic bombs around DC Comics’ Robins?

That said, Red Hood and the Outlaws looks like a book to watch in the DC Comics Relaunch.

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Source: DC The Source Blog