Images of He-Man & The Masters of the Universe Classics Shadow Weaver (Club Eternia Exclusive)

Mattel has posted some images & information on the Club Eternia Exclusive Shadow Weaver figure. Subscriptions to Club Eternia are on sale now through Friday August 12.

He-Fans and She-Ravers,

As you know we’ve extended the subscription purchase deadline to August 14th. If you haven’t decided yet to purchase a 2012 Club Eternia® subscription, perhaps this might give you that little extra info you need… Presenting our subscription-only figure, the first ever Shadow Weaver! That’s right, through an all-new licensing deal with our partners at Classic Media, we are able for the first time to offer characters from the classic vintage Filmation animated series (of both He-Man and She-Ra!) in the MOTUC line (who says we don’t listen to the fans!).

This new deal happened so recently that we were in a scramble to get a Filmation character out there for early 2012. After talking it over with the brand team and the Four Horsemen, we decided to go for the gold ring and offer what is quite possibly the most fan-demanded figure ever as our first Eternia exclusive in 2012 – the one and only Shadow Weaver!

The ONLY way to get Shadow Weaver guaranteed is to subscribe to 2012 Club Eternia. Your sign-up fee of $20.00 covers the cost of Hordak’s most recent head witch, as well as a bonus map poster of Preternia (plus shipping/taxes/fees). Shadow Weaver will never be sold separately and is only available as the club figure for 2012 subscribers.

Shadow Weaver comes complete with a clear “floating” base, magic wand and magic book (not shown) and she is almost a completely new tool. (Only her shoulders are shared!)

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