EXCLUSIVE: Pictures From The Set Of The Dark Knight Rises

There is no question about it – Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is the most anticipated movie right now. When pictures of Anne Hathaway in the Catwoman suit surfaced a few days ago, it seemed like every site posted them and every fan had an opinion. The movie is currently being filmed in Pittsburgh and a friend of mine visited the set over the weekend. Even though multiple pictures of the Tumblers are online, he says that he wasn’t allowed to take pictures of them.

Most of the shots are just the outside of Heinz Field, doubling as the stage for a game between the Gotham City Rogues and the Rapid City Monuments. These pictures are similar to ones we’ve already seen before, but you won’t see these anywhere else!

Outside of the field:

Photo Credit: Jeff Wolfe

Close Up of the field, showing the destroyed green and the Gotham City Rogues banner:

Photo Credit: Christina Smetana

Close Up of various props:

Photo credit: Christina Smetana

Extras on set from the Heinz Field shoot have leaked more photos as well as several videos, including ones of Bane’s voice.

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