Fear Itself Spoilers: What Is Shattered In Fear Itself #5?


Despite the unbreakable nature not being what it used to be, Captain America’s shield does always seem….unbreakable. So maybe it’s just Ultimate Cap getting his shield destroyed by an angry Thor, or Loki destroying the one in the cartoon, but I’ve seen his shield break a lot recently. On top of that, I remember the arc Mark Waid did years ago in his Captain America run about the shield breaking and vibranium acting up world wide, so I’m just accustomed to shield breaking stories done well.

So when I saw Cap make a bad one liner and hurl his shield at The Serpent, and then Odin’s big brother break it like it was nothing, it didn’t even register with me as a big deal at first.

Then again, there’s also the variant cover of Cap over the busted shield. That didn’t help this either.

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