Spoiler Warnings: What Happens To Ganthet And Mogo In War Of The Green Lanterns Aftermath #2?

The fact that these happen at the same time makes it impossible to split them up, so here goes!

Mogo’s burial is done as a symbolic thing, his corpse forming a ring around Oa was a horrible morale killer, so his pieces were gathered together and deposited in the sun, which now has a glowing Green Lantern logo not unlike Mogo’s.

Ganthet, on the other hand, delivered Krona’s corpse to Atrocitus in hopes of making good on their pact (in which he promised to allow Atrocitus to kill Krona). Then, upon being discovered by the other Guardians, is approached ominously.

Is it just me or do the other Guardians have Krona like looks in their eyes?

So what happens with Ganthet? Well, here’s the cover to Green Lantern: The New Guardians #3, so draw your own conclusions.

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