Covert Affairs Episode 2-10 Review: World Leader Pretend

“World Leader Pretend” is the summer finale, and if there is one thing that’s clear, it’s that the writers are struggling to juggle the characters outside of Annie and Auggie. The main plot could easily stand on its own and it’s quite good, considering the general staleness of the plots this season. While Annie attempts to open up to her sister about her real profession, she gets a Chinese scientist into US custody, only to find out that his friend betrayed him. It doesn’t exactly parallel Annie’s situation, but it highlights the precariousness of the profession and the danger of trusting people.

Then there’s everything else in the episode. Annie’s generic, boring boyfriend we know little about. Well, he’s gone. Jai’s upset about his role yet again and Joan ships him off. Arthur puts a random State Department tool in his place. All these things barely factor into the plot for starters, and they aren’t interesting either. But the scenes keep coming and detract from what actually matters, and they leave me scratching my head every time. Hopefully the writers can get it together when the show returns.

Score: 8.4/10