ESPN Posts Interview With Daniel Bryan

ESPN has posted a feature that discusses Daniel Bryan’s addition to the new video game, “WWE 12.” They take a look at the roller coaster that was his first year, noting that his exclusion from “Smackdown vs Raw 2011” was due to the drama with poor Justin Roberts and his unfortunate necktie. He also takes a moment to talk about his win at Money in the Bank, detailing the brutal match that earned him the briefcase.

On the “WWE 12”:
“I’m really, really excited. I don’t play a lot of video games, but I started playing a little more recently because the guys on the road are always bringing their Xboxes with them. And seeing the new WWE video games, man, they’re so cool because I haven’t played video games since I was a little kid, so when I play “WWE All-Stars” and I see the graphics for all of these characters, it’s just unreal. I really can’t wait to be in my first video game.”

On the Money in the Bank ladder match:
“It’s pretty brutal and I was sore for about the next week and a half, but when you’re out there, you have so much adrenaline, especially when you have a crowd like that. That Chicago crowd was just amazing the entire night. They were so amped to see John Cena and CM Punk that it just carried over to the rest of the show. And that adrenaline just helps push you through all of those bumps and falls and being hit with ladders and all of that crazy stuff that happens. It doesn’t stop the pain completely, but it makes it hurt less.”

It’s always nice to see a WWE Superstar featured on ESPN.

Source: ESPN

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