Damages Episode 3-5 Review: We’ll Just Have to Find Another Way to Cut the Balls Off of This Thing

Halfway through the season, this season of Damages just doesn’t interest me as much as the previous seasons did. The case against High Star seems cut and dry, and the antics to protect the company aren’t that exciting either. High Star is conducting raids for the CIA and one of these missions left Chris Sanchez’s team dead. Now, Erickson and Boorman are trying to cover their tails–Erickson getting the DoD to black out most information and Boorman by having Marwat jailed. Erickson and Boorman each have their backstories, but there’s nothing polarizing about them, in comparison to the always-electric Frobisher.

More interesting is Patty turning towards religion in light that Katherine has a 1 in 36 chance of having leukemia. There’s no one to sue, no one to berate on national television, no one to threaten. It’s leukemia, and Patty isn’t quite sure how to approach it.

Score: 8.5/10