Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive So You Think You Can Dance 8 Finale Interview With Runner-Up Sasha Mallory

I had definitely picked Sasha Mallory to win So You Think You Can Dance. I thought that she was a great dancer who had the ability to captivate an audience with a single step and that she got a lot of coverage during the audition portion of the program when she was there with her sister (which is a crucial time to connect with the voting audience). In the end, she went as far as you could go in the competition without actually being named America’s Favourite. At the post-finale pressline I asked her if she appreciated finishing as the runner-up or if it was frustrating to be so close and yet so far. I asked her where the emotion that she dances with comes from and why she stole my gimmick of wearing a fedora. Finally, I told her why she is the girl that I would most like to take to a baseball game.

Check it out!

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