Suits Episode 1-9 Review: Undefeated

My praise for Suits stems from its shaded characterizations, an unwillingness to go with the flow and declare everything to be fine. Through much of this inaugural season, the characters have struggled with who they are and what kind of person they want to be and there is rarely an easy answer. This is what sets Suits apart from not only USA shows, but also almost every procedural out there.

“Undefeated,” however, provides easy solutions to potential problems. Just when it looks like Harvey will commit perjury, a common trope comes out–Harvey was tricking the opposing attorney! In fact, he doesn’t have to break his moral code or laws and he can get the settlement he wants. Look how everything turns out right–and how boring it is.

Mike’s plot was detached from the rest of the episode and could have been excised without anyone noticing (aside from lost minutes). Rachel is accused of leaking the list of witnesses, but she didn’t, and Mike helps her in the end. Not much comes out of it other than fake-Louis’s comment about student loans hitting Mike and Rachel having a chip on her shoulder and overreacting.

Some of the dialogue in the episode felt too on the nose, a problem I never had with previous episode. To list a few, the Michael Jordan bit, the Terminator bit, and the woman stating that Mike and Rachel will get together eventually all were too much.

Score: 7.8/10