Ralph Fiennes’ Directorial Debut, Coriolanus, Gets Kick-Ass Trailer

To some, Ralph Fiennes will always be linked with playing Voldemort in the Harry Potter films. Others will relate to him with his Oscar-nominated turn in Steven Spielberg’s Holocaust drama Schinder’s List. As for me, he’ll always be the phone-slamming crime boss in In Bruges. This fall the esteemed actor will make the transition to director with his adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Coriolanus. Fiennes, having been a part of a number of Shakespeare stage productions (including Coriolanus), has contemporized one of Shakespeare’s lesser known plays and has an intense, epic-feeling trailer to hype its release for Oscar season.

Ralph Fiennes has the titular role in the film and he’s joined by Gerard Butler, Jessica Chastain, Brian Cox, James Nesbitt, and Vanessa Redgrave. The picture premiered at the Berlin Film Festival back in February and it got a great reception, especially for Redgrave’s performance as Fiennes’ mother, Volumnia.

Barry Ackroyd who lensed Best Picture winner The Hurt Locker looks to bring his eye for detail to Fiennes’ directorial debut which involves General Coriolanus being banished from Rome for rioting after failing to win the public’s support. So he teams with enemy Tullus Aufidius (Butler) in taking out revenge on the city. John Logan, of Gladiator and The Last Samurai, penned the adaptation.

Coriolanus is set to open on December 2nd.

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Source: The Playlist