Murtz On The Scene: So You Think You Can Dance Canada – Top 10 Performance Episode Review

After missing last week’s show because I was in Los Angeles covering the So You Think You Can Dance U.S. finale, I was excited to be back just in time for the Top 10. I was shocked by Joey’s elimination last week, but Geisha was definitely predictable considering all of her bottom 3 finishes. I knew that the pairs would be changing as they had almost every week and I really liked the opening video package to the show.

I thought it was very interesting that Jordan and Melissa were the last two girls to be introduced in the opening of the show. As most of you know, I am a big believer in editing patterns and while some might accuse me of reading too much into it, I certainly think that these two will be the final two this year.

Let’s get to the dances!

– The pair danced a mambo choreographed by Gustavo Vargas
– Francois danced a samba from Vargas in the Top 14 week
– This was his first time dancing with Denitsa and I was expecting a lot from the ballroom specialists
– In the opening video montage, Denitsa talked about how she would have to do one spin for 8 counts
– Anna Trebunskaya from Dancing With The Stars gave me a dance lesson once on Reality Obsessed and I know how tough that move is for even the most experienced dancer
– Wasn’t sure if the routine would feature a storyline or not
– The performance was slightly delayed because both Francois and Denitsa had to do a quick wardrobe change after the opening introduction
– The show itself seemed to be slow-paced this week
– The spin that Denitsa referred to her in the video was spectacular
– I liked the routine but I would be shocked if Francois makes it through this week
– There was a weird thing that happened with a red sash, I think it fell off of Denitsa’s costume (not sure) but the pair played it completely like it was part of the routine, to the point where I thought it was and wouldn’t have even known unless the judges mentioned it
– Liked chemistry between the new pair
– Mary said that she really liked the Latin street vibe and told Francois that he was very giving when he danced
– Stacey said that it was “exciting” to have two phenomenal ballroom dancers pair together to start off the Top 10 show and that they made her want to dance
– Tre said that this was worthy of the Top 10 and confirmed that there would be a Top 10 tour. She also confirmed that there was some sort of malfunction with the scarf but that that both dancers played it off perfectly
– Jean Marc said “carumba, it was amazing!”

Lindsay took the stage next and performed her solo which was honestly one of the best of the season thus far.

Adam did his solo right after and his was also quite good. It was clear that these were well-prepared for the Top 10 week.

– They danced a contemporary routine choreographed by Blake McGrath
– First time Lindsay and Adam have been paired together this season
– In the opening video, Blake said that the routine was about the moment you realize that you have lost the one
– Spectacular work from Lindsay once again, who I think has been flying under-the-radar because of Melissa and Jordan
– There was a part in the routine where Adam had to catch Lindsay that strongly reminded me of the Melanie/Neil catch from SYTYCD in the States
– One of the lifts looked slightly awkward but it was my only minor nitpick
– I thought it deserved a standing ovation, but unfortunately didn’t get one
– Mary said that she loved the pair dancing together
– Stacey said that it was more than dance, it was art and that they colored in the pictures of Blake
– Tre said that they both had this “raw untapped dancer energy” that was super captivating
– Jean Marc referenced Adam’s dad and said that as a male dancer, having the support of your father “means everything”

Next up was a solo from Christian that Jean Marc seemed to love.

Jordan also performed a strong solo.

– They danced a hip hop routine by Luther Brown
– Reunited couple from the first week
– The routine was inspired by alien robots and was, without question, not only Luther’s best number of the season but the best hip hop performance of the season as well
– Stunning and completely synchronized choreography from Melissa & Shane
– One of my favorite routines of the season
– Melissa earns another standing ovation and while I initially had my doubts about them as I thought they might be a schtick from the judges, I am now also starting to turn into a believer as she was spectacular in this number
– Mary said that it was “great great entertainment”
– Stacey said that she had the time of her life watching that piece and that it was absolute perfection for her
– She said that Melissa continued to amaze them every week and that she is an absolute star
– Tre said that it was the best number of the season for her and that Shane’s synchronization with Melissa was right on
– Jean Marc said that they killed the number (in a good way!)

Yuliya then did her solo which reminded me a lot of Jessica from the Roger Rabbit movies. While she is still my favorite, I definitely think that on a night of spectacular solos, hers was lacking.

Matt also performed his solo and it also wasn’t my favorite.

– They danced a contemporary routine choreographed by Sabrina Matthews
– The piece was about a couple that sacrifices everything to stay together
– First time that Yuliya and Matt danced together
– Definitely a tough style for Yuliya, the ballroom specialist to pick up
– Matt did a great job leading the performance and Yuliya held her own
– Chemistry was good
– I thought the piece was very good, especially considering that it was Yuliya’s first real test in the competition
– I do think both will be in trouble on Tuesday and it is unfortunate but the reality of the situation is that this is one of the best collective casts of all-time
– Mary said that it was Yuliya’s best performance to date and that she loved all of Matt’s assisted lifts
– Stacey said that she was surprised and proud of Yuliya and advised the pair to soften their transitions
– Tre told Yuliya that she conquered the performance and that she prayed for her safety on Tuesday
– She also told Matt that he danced like a football player and that he sold it for her
– Jean Marc told Yuliya that he admired her courage (um, Jean Marc, she has to dance the style she gets) and told Matt that he was gifted

Melissa and Shane danced their solos.

– They danced a jazz routine by Sean Cheesman
– One of only two pairs who reunited this week
– The routine was very sexy and revolved the idea of a secret fantasy that lives behind a wall
– It took a long time to set the wall up
– The routine was definitely sexy with both dancers losing most of their clothing but
– I think it sacrificed some technical precision in order to make a more entertaining piece
– What I mean is that at the end of the routine, my first reaction was that it was fun to watch but that both dancers can dominate the dance floor technically and I would have liked to see more of that especially from one of the strongest pairs this week
– Still very good and should propel both dancers into safety
– The judges gave it a standing ovation, but again, I thought Lindsay and Adam’s was definitely better
– Mary said that she thought they were two steps away from being in their birthday suits and that Jordan was definitely “finale material”
– Stacey said that it was visually stunning and that it doesn’t get better than that
– Asked Jordan to push herself a little more because she thought that she had potential to win the entire competition
– Tre said that it was definitely a ‘sexy situation’
– Jean Mark complimented Christian and said that he had made the ‘most transformation’ since being in the competition
– Told Jordan that she was delightful to watch and that she was gifted
– Said that it was like all of her body parts had a voice

The show closed with solos from Francois and Denitsa

So there you have it. I have to say that unfortunately, I think that Yuliya has taken her last step (even though she is my favorite) and that for the guys it will either be Francois or Matt. We shall see.

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