Matt Hardy (@MattHardyBrand) Update via Twitter

Since no matter what’s reported, whatever’s going on in Matt Hardy’s life is pretty much an enigma (no pun intended), people interested in or worried about him only have his and his friends’ public Twitter accounts for first-hand information. In the past 24 hours, Matt Hardy has tweeted the following (listed below with newest up top):

Oh. My. God. By bad luck is NEVER stopping apparently..

Because Matt Hardy WILL NOT DIE! Duhh! @ntindall3456: @MATTHARDYBRAND Why are you not dead yet?

U wanna found out the scoop about my state of mind during corvette crash in the car accident from Sat, stay tuned to RT

@RebySky Can u call me at home 910 xxx xxxx plz. My cell feel in the hottub and is shot. Thx baby. Hope you’re doing ok.

(We removed the actual phone number he tweeted, as a quick google search actually had it affiliated with someone else, and his girlfriend Reby Sky tweeted a few times that it wasn’t even his actual number.)

As for Reby, she’s tweeted a few things, including several pleas to stop online harassment. From the look of some tweets towards Matt and comments on his YouTube videos, it’s obvious what she’s talking about. One of her tweets: “I CAN’T CONTROL ANYONE. No one can. This is all very heartbreaking. The online harassment makes it worse. Try to understand.”

Also while Jeff Hardy’s been fairly quiet, Beth Britt (his significant other) tweeted this today: “Who in the hell is this “family member” that talked to TMZ? Bullshit. You’ve got some corrections to make. Get started.”

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