What’s On JOE Mind: Episode 18 (G.I. Joe Podcast)

What's On JOE Mind: Episode 18 (G.I. Joe Podcast)

Its out first CUSTOMIZER SPECIAL! This week we are joined by Richard of Ratfink Customs and John (aka the infamous ‘PLuv’ and friend of the program), admin of JoeCustoms.com to talk to us about the fine art of Joe customizing. If you are a customizer or any type of artist for that matter, the first hour will be bliss for you. In hour 2 we get down to the latest news of GI Joe 2: Bruce Willis will be Joe Colton, Jonathan Pryce returns as the President of the United States and we find out that Extensive Enterprises will be part of the movie! On the GI Joe Collectors’ Club front, finished images of the first two subscription figures are now public – is the fandom liking what it sees and most importantly of all, how many will buy it. Lastly, Chuck gushes like a little girl over getting a free SDCC Skystriker. Believe us, the extra day to edit this is worth the wait! Enjoy!!

Next week, we will shift recording nights to Wednesdays for the next 5 or 6 weeks. In most cases, the show will be posted a day later than normal. Also, Episode 19 will be dedicated to your listener mail, so write or call us with your questions: whatsonjoemind@gmail.com or 262-515-WOJM (9656)!

Also, make sure you go back wand listen to the entire What’s on JOE Mind archive!


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