Jets Girl: NFL 2011 – Here Come The Jets!!! (Mark Sanchez, Metlife Stadium?!)

The NFL is only days away, here come the Jets!

Shaun Elis eat your heart out. 11 years and you leave? WTF is that about? And to my dismay, you join Mr Tom “I only date models” Brady’s team. You greedy bitch. Go join the Patriots, those jerk offs in Boston! F them and their tea party. Now that my ranting is done, let’s move forward to my mazels:

1. Mark Sanchez On GQ was hot to trot! Let’s try keeping the clothes on and throwing footballs. But seriously, what f guy wears white pants!!

2. Plaxico is a beast. 1st game and a TD. Thank you Eli Manning for being a bitch and not lobbying for him. What a ratard!

3. Aaron Maybin! It’s very hot that in 1 game this kid has already produced more than his 2 years in Buffalo. By the way, Brad Smith your a trader too

Biggest disappointment: WTF is with MetLife being the name of the Meadowlands. Total blowfest. JETBLUE would have been perfect.

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