Murtz Jaffer Appears On Dan For Mayor Season 2 Finale: Dan For Mayor Season 2 Behind-The-Scenes Exclusive Part 2 [VIDEO]

Dan For Mayor was a surprise hit in its first season. The CTV original program scooped up its star Fred Ewanuick after Corner Gas finished its remarkable run and did a great job at establishing its own identity beyond Dog River. The show revolves around the premise of an everyman bartender (Dan Phillips) deciding to run for office in the fictional city of Wessex. Much to the chagrin of its residents, while Dan didn’t necessarily win the position in Wessex, he certainly claimed it and while last season’s finale answered whether or not Dan would be successful in his campaign for office, we were definitely left with more questions than answers. Now that Dan was mayor, what would happen next? What about his love interest Claire? Would she return to support his inaugural run? Would a bartender be able to effectively govern?

I was able to visit the set of Dan For Mayor while it was filming its season finale last year. I toured the set and caught up with Fred Ewanuick to talk about the new season and what life has been like now that he is in power. I also got my make-up done because…

This Sunday, I will appear as an extra on the season finale of Dan For Mayor, playing a reporter in the “Porktoberfest” ceremony (also the title of the episode) where Dan faces one of his toughest challenges yet in office.

Here’s a quick preview of the episode which airs this Sunday, August 28 at 7:30 PM on CTV!

And in case you missed Part 1, here it is: