Flashpoint Spoilers: The Cause Of Flashpoint Revealed?

DC released the first few pages of this weeks epic Flashpoint #5, in which everything promises to change to create the New 52. Big news, right? Well, the first few pages tell us a LOT about the nature of Flashpoint, including the who, the how, and the why.

So be warned, major spoilers in these images!

So long story short…it’s all Barry’s fault? It makes sense in its own little way that the one time selfless Barry does something for himself he winds up breaking reality. The whole situation is relatively reversed, which would put it right up Thawne’s alley.

The mention of Barry pulling in the entire Speed Force would go ahead and explain the happenings of Kid Flash Lost #3, but at the same time, this entire thing debunks my Jay Garrick theory in favor of the source of the Flashpoint being Barry’s mom. Then again, it doesn’t refute that the lack of Jay Garrick is responsible for so many dominoes around the world as far as the heroic ages are concerned.

Flashpoint: Where the hero is the villain, and the villain is a super villain.

Buy it Wednesday and see just how exactly it creates the New 52!

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