Suits Episode 1-10 Review: The Shelf Life

How long can Mike keep up the charade? This is one of the questions every viewer asks. The answer to this question, based on evidence of other shows, is that the charade will be kept on indefinitely, as it is the central premise of the show, the driving force that allows Mike and Harvey to work on different cases each week. “The Shelf Life” directly tackles the central premise of the show–Mike’s fake degree–with a similar case at an accounting firm. Mike empathizes with the guy and even helps him a bit, but in the end, he’s tossed out, without a degree and likely with a tarnished reputation. To Mike this is obviously troubling, but Harvey thinks it’s fine. Is it?

The love triangle of Mike, Jenny, and Rachel quickly ramped up after Rachel kissed Mike and Louis implied to Jenny that something was going on between them. While I don’t really want to blame anyone, Rachel looks like the bad guy in the situation, having originally turned Mike down and kissed him after he had a girlfriend. This doesn’t seem like it’ll affect Harvey or the firm, but it’s another big thing for Mike to handle.

Score: 8.6/10