True Blood Episode 4-10 Review: Burning Down the House

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Towards the end of each season, True Blood should be focused on the main plot, witches vs. vampires in this season. All the threads should draw towards a climax as a culmination of a season’s worth of building. Instead, “Burning Down the House” is just like most episodes this season–some decent material and the rest crap.

Once again, a fight between the vampires and witches is stopped after a few minutes with Antonia fleeing the scene. Everyone is back where they started, with the vampires deciding what to do and the witches holed up.  There are a few positives outcomes, however. Bill’s insistence on blowing up Moon Goddess Emporium and all the occupants clashes with Sookie’s desire to save Tara, and highlights the obstacles that lay between them due to Bill’s position, even if Sookie still loves him. Eric gets his memories back and there is instant trouble, as Sookie doesn’t know what to do with this Eric.

It seems like main plot has hit a dead end. What more is there to tell? Marnie is crazy, Antonia likely crazy, and they’re trying to kill vampires. Meanwhile, the vampires are trying to kill the witches. Surely they’ll stop their mini-clashes eventually and get it over with.

Even though Tommy dying was horribly cheesy and insincere, I’m glad he’s gone. That means one less character with bad plots. Victory! Terry and Andy spend a lot of time out at this fort where Andy finally realizes what he’s become. It’s not bad, actually, but the overall plot, beginning with Andy taking V, was so stale that I still don’t care. Jessica continues to be awesome and she had a great line about just wanting to kill people, but her stuff with Jason and Hoyt is one of the most boring plots.

Score: 8.0/10

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