Is Brock Leaning Towards Retirement? “Source” in his “camp” says so

After announcing that he was back in spectacular fashion, using a machine gun to take down small animals, the rumor mill has been churning about Brock Lesnar. This time it comes from The MMA Corner but hasn’t been corroborated elsewhere that Lesnar is contemplating retirement because of doctor’s advice:

However, multiple sources close to his camp tell a different story about the former champion’s condition. According to the sources, more than one doctor has informed Lesnar that he should no longer compete in the sport due to the stress that training and fighting puts on his body.

What does this mean? Plenty of times stories have broken about fighters or people close to their camp that turned out to be 100% false and this has all the pedigree (so far) of being just that: fake. While you can’t call their credibility into question without any proof, and so far we don’t have any, all we have right now is an anonymous source or two (maybe).

None of the bigger names in MMA journalism have come out with anything on it so far and this would be exploding like wildfire if it had any decent amount of credibility. So far it hasn’t and with the big press conference tomorrow perhaps this will be answered by Dana White.

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Source: The MMA Corner