Suits Episode 1-11 Review: Rules of the Game

Well that opened up an uncomfortable can of worms, didn’t it? In the penultimate episode of the season, we get to see Harvey’s past when his mentor, played by Gary Cole, returns. We get an idea where Harvey’s code came from, after discovering certain improprieties of his mentor, and it this experience that guides Harvey. And when it all returns, Harvey wants to bury it as deep as possible. It is Jessica and Donna, the two awesome women on the show, who come to Harvey’s aid, and Harvey vows to free an innocent man, which presumably leads into the season finale.

Compared to Jessica and Donna, Rachel looks a bit pathetic. While she has some valid points in the final confrontation with Mike, let’s be honest here: she’s clearly done far more inappropriate things than Mike, what with the kissing and touching in direct response to Jenny.

The legal case wasn’t too interesting, but it allowed us to see Louis in all his glory, conniving and smart.

Score: 9.1/10