The O’Really Report – Combo Column – Diva’s Division, Lost in the Shuffle, Tag Team Turmoil

Welcome to the Tuesday’s Nonstop Alliteration, The O’Really Report! I am your host, Rhett Davis, and this week I am joined by none other than the Killer Kelly Floyd!

After fourteen centuries, here I am!

Fourteen centuries, two months… what’s the difference?

Well, it sure felt that way. But I’m extremely excited to offer my superior female wisdom. Thanks for allowing me to do so!

Not a problem Kelly and it’s great to see you outside of the newsfeed and the SmackDown Report.  We’ll start this week off with a topic I’ve heard you are very adamant about… the Divas Division. What are your feelings on the current state of the Division and how do you think it can be enhanced to make it less of a ‘bathroom break?’

Diva’s Division

Well, that’s a loaded question. Pulse readers know how heated I get about the Divas division–it’s just tragic. The division is a hot mess, and it’s upsetting as a female fan. I won’t even get started on Joan Cena, because that would take entirely too long. But I feel like there’s so much more to offer than what we’re being given. I’ve seen SOME of these ladies put on a hell of a match, so I don’t unjderstand the mockery they’ve become. But they’re being represented by the likes of Eve, Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox, and AJ? Not okay.

Who would you have as the heads of the division if you were in power?

Nattie and Beth have a strong angle going that I actually really enjoy. It almost reminds the fans that women CAN be more than dancing bras with cheap hair extensions. I’d want them take over the division and restore that lost faith. And, while you’ve given me momentary–albeit fictional–power, let’s make the rest of the division walk the plank.

The entire division? You wouldn’t keep any of them? Who might you replace them with?

I’m not sure, and that’s distressing to me. I know there has to be talented, serious women wrestlers out there, but they seem so rare. They have to be out there, I believe it!!

What did you think of Kharma? Would you keep her or dispose of her along with the Barbie Dolls?

Kharma was one that was a bit tricky. It’s difficult to determine that scenario because it was cut so short. I’d like to think it would have worked, as the recycled version is one I already said I really liked, but again, there was too little to base that analysis on.

Kharma was a talented worker and would’ve fit well with Beth Phoenix and Natalya as their muscle, but I agree the situation was cut too short to truly see how well she would fare in the WWE scene.

I will admit though, when that laughter echoed through the arenas…it made me smile.

It felt like a changing of the guard every time she entered, but I spoke earlier of the Divas of Doom being a forceful team so let’s move on to the next topic. The re-emergence of the tag team division. What do you think of WWE seeming to have given the tag team a jumpstart with the new teams of The Awesome Truth and AirBoom?

Tag Team Turmoil

I’m not going to lie…I’ve missed a bit with Raw. Apparently, I’ve missed more than a bit as this is the first I’m hearing of The Awesome Truth. Regardless, I think it’s wonderful. It’s an opportunity to showcase more of the Superstars, and takes a giant leap away from The Cena Show. And Bourne/Kingston is something I think we’ve all been waiting for. I was never a fan of the tag teams that were thrown together, but my absolute adoration for JeriShow changed that feeling. Though Miz and Truth kind of makes my brain hurt…

Well with what you’ve missed, Miz sets up the jokes and Truth knocks them down. They both believe that they are being screwed out of title opportunities and main event spotlights. They believe there is a conspiracy with Triple H as the COO and that he is holding them down. They are a hilarious spectacle on the mic, but they haven’t teamed up that much.

That’s shocking to me, because that sounds thought out and it makes sense, which is odd for WWE! I’ve never been a fan of Truth…he makes me want to shake babies. But Miz can make anything…forgive me…awesome, so I can get on board. As long as it’s entertaining, I’m okay with it. Perhaps I need to tune in more!

Most definitely if only just to see those two. So you haven’t liked Truth’s recent crazy antics since his heel turn?

I didn’t like him before the heel turn, and especially don’t now. He’s just someone I’ve always hit fast-forward for, and I’m not sure why.

Hmmm… to each their own I guess, but I’ve been a fan since the turn. Didn’t like the dancing face Truth, but I enjoy him now. Anyways, our next topic is the SuperShow. What are you opinions on Raw superstars on SmackDown and vice versa?

The SuperShow Concept

At first I was ecstatic! I love my Blue Crew, Smackdown is very obviously my favorite, and I looked forward to seeing them all over the place. But…now I’m afraid for it. The Raw Superstars would always outshine the Blue Boys, even on their home turf. I’m worried that they’ll be lost in the shuffle. It’s hard to be optimistic about it, but I have my fingers and toes crossed that they’ll surprise me.

I thought the same, but I’ve been surprised with the number of appearances of lower card guys on the show tonight. Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, and Drew McIntyre were all on Raw. Overall, I’m scared that this just means a double dosage of Randy Orton, John Cena, and Alberto del Rio.

That was exactly my thought. I’m very concerned that those three are the only ones we see from here on out. I love, love, love del Rio, but wouldn’t want him or anyone else to dominate the shows. This is why I dove in head first to the indies. But I’d love it if they could get their acts together and demand my love back.

Speaking of the Indies, how is EXW doing? What’s the latest with the Arizona native promotion?

Indy Love

They’re doing pretty great! Their heavyweight title is up for grabs, after Derick Neikirk suspended it. A heated tournament has begun, and I honestly don’t know who will earn it by the time it’s over. It’s always exciting to watch people like Dom Vitalli, Ryan Castellucci, and Tyson Tyler do their thing, and do it well. Nothing really beats the live, front row action of a WRESTLING show, instead of an “entertainment” show.

That sounds like an invigorating show, and I’m sure you get more action a Raw or SmackDown. I recently have been interested with PWO. A organization out of Cleveland, Ohio. A little far from Arkansas, but they do have Matt Cross who I’ve become a fan off since his short Tough Enough tenure.

Wow! It’s always great when the feds can bring in big names. Val Venis appears regularly, as well as Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli. You mentioned Tough Enough, Bill DeMott has actually been involved with EXW a few times. Always a treat.

That’s great! Seems like a great show, but we’ll end this with our last question… if you were in charge what would you change about the current WWE scene? Who would you push as a top tier talent who you feel is underrated?

Changes Are A’Coming

I tend to avoid questions like this, as I don’t usually like to “fantasy book” but I’m feeling spunky. First and foremost, I’d water down the whole Cena thing. It’s too much, WWE. Not eliminate, mind you, but pull it back a little. I’d like to see people like Cody Rhodes and Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins and Wade Barrett sink their teeth into real feuds, with real stories, and a real purpose. I’d want to bring back the surprise in wrestling. It’s too predictable, and I like shouting “holy shit!” at my TV screen when something insane happens. I’d want to make it fun to be a fan again.

You sounded like CM Punk or Kevin Nash with that last statement, but I digress. Those are great ideas and I agree that a break or a downgrading of Cena would make him less hated by the adult crowd of WWE fans. Cody, Zack, Curt, and Wade are all guys who could be entertaining every week in matches, but are usually shoved to the side to make room for guys like Orton, Cena, del Rio, and various other guys. There is plenty of room on the show that we don’t need three CM Punk promos as well as a Cena promo, a Punk match, a Cena match, AND an Orton match. That leaves no room for the rest of the roster! And that’s the biggest problem. Too much emphasis on the main event guys and not leaving but a small amount of time for the other divisions. This is why the United States, Intercontinental, Tag Team, and Diva’s Divisions are so weak. They have no time to make them important.

I agree. Don’t get me wrong, I love Punk, I love del Rio. I like them on the mic, I like them in the ring. But I’m officially overdosing on them. I want more. I want two guys to come out of the woodwork with a genuine desire to tear each other apart. I want the men I’ve already forgotten to punch me in the face as a reminder that they still got it. sure, the kiddies fall asleep with their RKO teddy bears, wrapped in their “U Can’t See Me” snuggies, but there’s more to life!

The problem is that they don’t get over, but hello WWE! How can someone get over when they barely are shown backstage? How can Curt Hawkins or Tyler Reks get over when they aren’t even on the show? Oh wait I forget… they’re on Superstars. Which airs where? Oh yeah The WWE can appeal to so many different age groups. Keep Punk, Del Rio, and Miz for your hardcore adult audience, but just don’t have them on the show four times. Have your Orton/Cena, but downplay them. Make the younger guys a presence to be felt. Give Ryder and Dolph a meaningful 10 minute match. But at this point I’m just ranting…

They’ve gotten lesser men over, so that’s not an excuse anymore. WWE can use their mind control to get these men over, but they just don’t. Which sucks.

And that’ll about wrap things up. Thank you Kelly for stopping by The O’Really Report this week.

Thank you very much for having me! ‘Twas a pleasure.

Remember you can catch Kelly Floyd every week with her SmackDown Report which usually goes up sometime over the weekend.
And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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