Murtz On The Scene: So You Think You Can Dance Canada – Finale Performance Episode Review

The final performance show of the season is upon us and for the first time, 6 dancers are competing for the title of Canada’s Favourite Dancer.

Let’s get right into it with the performances!

– They danced a Sho-Tyme hip hop routine
– In the video package prior to the performance, Sho-Tyme said that he needed Matt to be commanding
– The routine was spectacular
– It has been said before but Lindsay has been overlooked this season as I think she is easy winner on any other Dance season
– Spectacular performance by both, but as is the case with the majority of the season, the girl overshadowed her partner
– One of the best routines of the season and rivals other fantastic hip hop numbers that Luther put together
– Hip hop is clearly my favorite style as well
– Synchronization was perfect
– Would be tough to convince anyone watching that these were two contemporary specialists as they both looked like professional hip hop dancers
– Mary said that they both brought it and that they were brimming with “all kinds of attack and energy”
– Luther said that Lindsay was a ‘bad mamma jamma’ and that he has seen her transform
– He told Matt that he was waiting for him to be corny in the routine but that he did his thing
– Blake said that the audience was going insane (they were) and that Lindsay ate the stage alive
– Also told Matt that he did his thing
– Tre said that Matt was a fully grown man and that he danced like it
– Said that he “danced tight and right”
– She told Lindsay that she has never lost her fire
– Jean Marc said that it was the “toughest” he had seen Matt this season and then made a reference to Flashpoint
– He told Lindsay that she had committed a crime but that he had his hand on his wallet the whole time

There was a throw to a video package that that highlighted a week in the life of one of the dancers, but this was not played for the studio audience.

– They danced a Stacey Tookey contemporary routine
– The routine was about two people who used to be in love
– Jordan began the performance while standing in the mosh pit with the crowd
– Christian lifts Jordan with ease to start off routine
– Right as I see that, there is a total mess-up on one of the lifts
– Very obvious that timing was off and Christian is to be credited for not dropping his partner
– Lifts had high degree of difficulty so it shouldn’t cost them, but in a season where the girls have all had perfect performances, this could either help Jordan with sympathy votes or hurt her when she is up against the usually flawless Melissa and Lindsay
– I see a figure skating parallel
– Do you award the person that attempts a quadruple jump and misses it or the person that danced a clean routine with no risk?
– After they performed, there was a break taken and the floor director asked both if they were okay or injured, referencing the mess-up on the lift
– Mary said that there was only “one small part” of the routine that didn’t make it and credited Christian for saving it
– Also said that it didn’t phase either dancer and that it was “flawless” from that point
– Luther said that Jordan sliced through the air and moved like nothing was around
– Admitted that Jordan has never let him down and also told Christian that he saved her
– Blake said that at the end of the day, “we’re human” and that the mistake didn’t take anything away from the dancers that they were
– Tre said that the life of a dancer can’t always be successful but that was a success and told them to keep their head up
– Jean Marc said that Christian’s biggest quality is that he cared for his partners and that Canada will care for him
– He said that Canada had to give back to the both of them

– They danced a salsa choreographed by Gustavo Vargas
– Fitting that these two would end the partner dances together
– They hugged before the dance started
– While I like Gustavo’s choreography, I would prefer if he incorporated more storylines into his dances
– Spectacular lifts in the routine again (which seemed to be the theme of the evening)
– Very good routine and easily Gustavo’s best
– Loved the final lift which looked very difficult
– Melissa lifts Shane!
– Lifts looked very difficult
– Clearly Gustavo’s choreography depends on the dancers he draws
– Standing ovation from the judges
– I was amused by the guys in front of me who couldn’t decide if they should stand or not and kept looking around before they decided to
– Mary said that it was the best number Gustavo has done this season
– She said that she was in awe of Shane’s talent
– Told Melissa that she had “never seen a girl go after the Latin movement like you did”
– Luther said that there wasn’t anything that Melissa couldn’t do and that Shane was the “shortest man” who spins all these ladies
– Said that they are the perfect couple who do everything well
– Blake said “damn, that was hard” and that the routine stole the show
– Tre said that it was the best performance of the night and that they have had the hardest journey
– Jean Marc said that it was completely outside their genre and that Shane owned the salsa
– Told Melissa that she didn’t dance like a contender, she danced like a winner

During the commercial break, I saw Christian practicing his routine at the side of the stage.

– In the video package prior to the performance, Mia said that the routine signified where the girls were in the competition
– The routine itself was amazing and undoubtedly the best routine of the season
– Mia’s brilliance resonated and I was very happy she was paired with the top 3 girls of the season
– Hard to describe what it entailed but it was intricate and synchronized
– Unlike anything I have ever seen before
– Mary said that none of the judges wanted to sit down and that it was the most memorable moment of the entire season
– Said that she was glad Mia was done with that movie (Rock Of Ages) and can choreograph with us today
– Commented that Jordan, Lindsay and Melissa were the three strongest girls that she has ever seen on a dance show
– Luther said that he had just witnessed “the illest exhibit at the sickest museum” and that he couldn’t be more proud of the top 3 girls
– Remarked that they were on the tarmac and taking everyone to Planet X
– Blake announced that it was the best routine of the season and that Mia Michaels is the best choreographer of our generation
– Said the routine showed why a girl was going to win this season and that he was proud for any of them to win
– Tre said that she forgot it was a competition
– Jean Marc said that they were individually so unique but together they were so strong

– Choreographed to “We Will Rock You”
– In the video package, Melissa said that it would be interesting to see the guys lift each other
– In the routine itself, it was Christian doing most of the lifting and they looked more like assisted throws to me
– Routine was good, but they should have definitely let the boys go ahead of the girls as after seeing the magic of Mia’s return to So You Think You Can Dance Canada, the steam had kind of been let out so it was hard for the guys to recapture the crowd even with “We Will Rock You”
– Mary said that the boys had rocked them all season long
– Luther said that they had made them proud
– Blake said that all three were humble and that is what truly makes a star shine
– Tre revealed that Shane had been dancing through injuries all season but didn’t elaborate
– Jean Marc said that they were three solid and accomplished dancers

– During the commercial break, the floor director revealed that host Leah Miller was suffering from a sprained ankle
– Routine was about a battle between angels and warriors
– It was okay, but again, paled in comparison to Mia’s number
– At the end of this routine, I started to look at the time and began to figure out that it appeared the dancers would only be doing one partnered dance along with their solo which I thought was baffling

The solos were up next.

The standouts for me were, as usual, Melissa, Lindsay and Jordan’s. I thought Christian’s was also quite good. Jordan got the loudest cheer by far and an extended standing ovation.

And there you have it. The So You Think You Can Dance Canada performance show is in the books. I have to say that the decision to only have the dancers do one coupled dance was shocking to me, especially on the heels of the U.S. finale where it seemed like that is all they did. I wasn’t surprised that the girls stole the show again because that has been a running theme this season. Still not a fan of doing the final show with six dancers as I feel that was too much of a change from the universal Dance show format.

As for predictions, this is the toughest So You Think You Can Dance Canada for me to call. To be quite honest, this is one of the toughest shows to call in general just because the competition has been so close. I definitely think that it will come down to Jordan and Melissa. And between them, my head says Melissa but my heart says Jordan. So I don’t know. I think strong arguments can be made for both. No one received more standing ovations than Melissa did all season and Jordan did make that mistake in her dance with Christian. While conventional thinking would conclude that because of that, Melissa is a lock, I feel like it might have the opposite effect with voters presuming Melissa is safe and voting for Jordan. It will be very interesting to see how things play out and the only thing that I know for sure is that I will be shocked if a guy pulls off the victory.

As for myself? I am confirmed to be interviewing the finalists on Sunday after the winner is announced, but my attendance in the audience is still not confirmed (which puts my record of being in the audience at every North American reality show finale in 2011 in jeopardy). We shall see what happens. What I do know for sure, is that it will be a great finale!

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