Damages Episode 4-9 Review: There’s a Whole Slew of Ladies with Bad Things to Say About the Taliban

I’m sorry for not reviewing Damages the last few weeks, but I promise to review the season finale. Despite not reviewing the show lately, I’ve liked how the season has been progressing, in contrast to my last review, which I believe was somewhat negative. John Goodman and Dylan Baker have been dynamite each episode and their characters have become fascinating to watch.
Erickson is a wild ideologue, doing whatever it takes to keep things going. His attitude combines a hearty mix of self-interest and a twisted world view in which he is only providing security in a world constantly at war. Boorman, on the other hand, is a more disturbing character on the small scale. To protect himself, he kills his French girlfriend in a quick snap, Bill Herndon’s friend, and other such acts. But what we see from Boorman is self-preservation and–what is increasingly evident, though not entirely clear–a demented love story where Boorman kidnaps the boy so he can find out where the boy’s mother is.
These individuals have come far from where we first saw them at the beginning of the season—Erickson as the Christian businessman and Boorman as the devious guy killing the background for High Star. In the end, they are much different from each other and what they originally appeared to be, but ultimately they are both as messed up as each other.

And on the other side of the law, Patty and Ellen began the season apart, but got closer and closer, basically as equal partners. That will change soon, however, as we saw the flashforward in the last week’s episode and more details this week. Ellen makes a deal with Erickson to save Chris and stop her suit, out of guilt and because of what her now ex-boyfriend told her. Patty sees Bill Herndon falling off the edge and has her son also pushing her buttons. So now she feels partially responsible and is pissed off. It’s not a good combination.

Score: 9.3/10


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