News: Sam Stosur defeats Serena Williams, US Open Final

US Open Women’s Final


Samantha Stosur (Aus) def Serena Williams (USA)

6-2, 6-3


Australia’s Sam Stosur has won her first grand slam title in a final marred by poor behaviour and sportsmanship from Williams. Her tirades against the umpire were uncalled for and seemed more designed to unsettle the opposition than actually make a point. And it did rattle Sam… for all of a minute. Of course, the crowd took Williams’ side, also trying to faze the Australian, but to no avail.


The incident came when Williams thought she had hit a winner and yelled “Come on!” before Stosur had even had a chance to hit the ball. Because the umpire regarded that as a hindrance to Stosur, she awarded the point to Stosur. Which, by the way, is in the rules. But then Williams and a crowd that really does send those stereotypes of Americans all around the world lost it.


What I want to know is where the match referee was in all of this? The Umpire (Eva Asderaki) did an amazing job, holding firm against the abuse, awarding a deserved code violation, but surely the match referee should have come out at some point to try and calm things down. Williams was just trying to be a bully and intimidate her way through, but she was outplayed and outgunned completely by a totally dominant Stosur.


As much as Williams played like crap (especially in that first set), Stosur barely put a foot wrong. Her power and touch were superb, her timing was spot on, her serving was stunning. Post-match, Williams praised Stosur and did not blame the umpiring for the loss, but she still looked upset.