10 Thoughts on TNA No Surrender 2011 (Kurt Angle, Sting, Robert Roode)

 1. One thing was missing from the get-go for this – some sort of leader board, with wins and losses and who beat who, etc. This tournament has been confusing.


2. The majority of the matches on this PPV were glorified TV matches. They were not bad matches (even Gunner and Matt Morgan had reasonable matches), but they weren’t anything spectacular either. Majority, I said. There were exceptions.


3. Why do people insist Anderson is great on the microphone? He seems pretty clichéd, and not funny. Oh, and even Bischoff was lousy on the mic tonight. Is that just laziness? But Austin Aries – he was good (Total Nonstop Aries). And James Storm’s motivational speech was not too shabby either. Bully Ray is somewhere in the middle. And Rosita’s 9-11 interview with Borash was a nice touch.


4. The women’s match was another useless women’s match. I used to enjoy the Knockouts. What’s happened? The promo video beforehand was more intriguing than the match.


5. The X-Division match was match of the night, but one thing still bugs me. I know Aries was supposed to be the heel, but they both played the tweener role. And ‘Wizard of Odd’? They’re sticking with that? Still, match was very good. Second best match of the night was the opening X Division match. I see a pattern here.


6. I don’t care what anyone else says, I like Tenay and Taz on commentary and Borash as backstage interviewer is good as well.


7. I think the right man won the BFG series. I know a lot of people are calling a Storm heel turn on Roode, but I have read on other sites that Storm may be injured and so time off could be beneficial. I also think the way this company goes, Roode may do the heel turn on Storm and join Immortal as champ. I hope I’m wrong because Beer Money are the best tag team I have seen in a long time (remembering we don’t get ROH easily here in Australia). Oh, and Bully Ray looks in better shape than I’ve seen him for years.


8. What is with the abbreviated length of the matches? I say it again – it is just like we’re watching glorified TV matches. Where are the 20+ minute long epic encounters? Do they assume every TNA fan has ADHD and cannot sit still longer than 12 minutes? This has, I think, hurt the whole show.


9. The main event… Quarter of an hour. Of. That. Worst match on the show. Worse than the women’s match. The promo video was odd. The pop for all three of the competitors was anaemic. The match was… a match. Not horribly bad, but dull and slow and generally uninteresting. And the ending with Hogan getting involved was… Meh.


10. Overall, not a bad show. Not a blowaway one, but not awful by any stretch of the imagination. By my own ranking system, most of the matches were ranked right around one another, and this show stands as third best TNA show of the year, behind Destination X and Against All Odds… and a heap of WWE shows. It was just there, that was all.


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