Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With So You Think You Can Dance Canada Runner-Up Melissa Mitro

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After the So You Think You Can Dance Canada Season 4 finale, I had the chance to catch up with runner-up Melissa Mitro. Throughout the show, it was clear that Melissa was the judges’ pick to win. She received standing ovation on a weekly basis for both her partner and solo dances. She could seemingly do no wrong in the competition and had a picture-perfect performance finale last week whereas Jordan had the misstep on the lift with Christian. It seemed completely locked up. And perhaps that was the problem. That the outcome seemed so much like a foregone conclusion. I talked to Melissa about how she felt about finishing as the runner-up. I also told her my complicated theory as to why I thought she had it locked up. We discussed how her dad is my biggest fan and I asked her to give me her real review of my dance performance with the top 7 girls.

Check it out!

And here’s the video where the Top 7 girls taught me how to dance!

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