What’s On JOE Mind: Episode 21 (G.I. Joe Podcast)

Hey, what can we say, it was a slow news week, but we still delivered some high quality community content; or at least we tried to! First we are joined by Cole Sickler, the Community Manager from Crave.com to talk to us about their unique social networking marketplace and how they plan to engage the Joe community. Greg gives his first hand review of Yo Joe: A Real American Hip Hop Musical in Chicago. We get some listener mail about the IDW series which sparks some decent discussion. Topping the news and hot on the heels of Wave 1, the first of the anticipated Renegades figures begin to appear. Hasbro made a surprise announcement that they will appear at the New York Comic Convention – will they FINALLY show us those long rumored 7 packs? Lastly, Chuck talks our ears off on his latest purchases, Justin wants to do a Thundercat’s podcast, and Gary is sick. It can’t get any better than this – CAN IT?? Its all the Joe news from the last week; squeezed down to less than an hour.

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