NFL 2011 Week 2 Thoughts and Commentary: Baltimore Ravens – 13, Tennessee Titans 26

Baltimore Ravens – 13, Tennessee Titans 26


Rhett Davis: With the Baltimore defense focused on Chris Johnson, Matt Hasselbeck threw for over 350 yards and scored a TD.  Tennessee was prepared unlike the Ravens.  Even the Titan defense looked phenomenal as they attacked Joe Flacco sacking him 3 times.  The Titans seemed to always be on offense in this game.


Grey Scherl: Joe! What are you doing?! You open the season looking like a Superbowl quarterback against the Steelers, and then you show up to Tennessee and play like this? The Ravens biggest issue is their general inconsistency, as Joe Flacco could be a top five quarterback if he could keep his momentum going for longer than a game. Tennessee is looking good, on the other hand, with veteran quarterback Matt Hasselbeck starting as they develop Jake Locker to most likely step in as starter in the next year or two. The Titans looked good in this game, and Hasselbeck is pretty good at reminding people that he won a Superbowl. Flacco was good at reminding people that just because he threw a bunch of TDs this week doesn’t mean he couldn’t throw some INTs this week. Ravens need to pull their shit together and keep it that way if they want to get the AFC Championship. The Titans…the Titans could emerge as the favorites in the AFC South, because honestly, with Peyton Manning gone it’s going to be Houston or Tennessee.


Daniels: This game totally overwrites what we knew about both teams just last week.  The Ravens dominated what looked to be an old Pittsburgh team and then they themselves looked old against the Titans.  The Titans couldn’t do anything against the Jaguars and then killed Baltimore.  I…….. got nothin.


Glazer:  Just like last week, let’s not overreact.  The Titans have a good defense and Flacco is entirely flappable – you can shake him and make him cost you a game.  The defense is still good, but 7 turnovers was always going to be a fluke and, well, when you crush your rival, sometimes a let down follows, especially on the road.  The Titans?  They are what we thought they were – a decent team.  The Ravens still have a weak secondary, but it probably isn’t a good sign for Ravens fans or Steelers fans long-term that Matt Hasslebeck could exploit that where Ben couldn’t.

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