NFL 2011 Week 2 Thoughts and Commentary: Cleveland Browns – 27, Indianapolis Colts – 19

Cleveland Browns – 27, Indianapolis Colts – 19


Rhett Davis: It’s going to be a long year without Peyton Manning for the Colts.  The Browns defeat the Colts.  I wonder how long it’s been since that has occurred?  Peyton Hillis of the Browns scored 2 TD’s and ran for 94 yards.  Not bad for a white boy out of Arkansas.  Both of these teams are pretty bad this year and it’s not a shock at the lack of scoring and the lack of defense.  Kerry Collins just can’t cut it as the Colts’ QB.


Grey Scherl: Is it really an upset when any team beats the Manning-less Colts? Maybe I’m rushing to conclusions, as they’ve only dropped two regular season games thus far. But that’s their thing in pre-season as well, they don’t play Peyton, they lose. I think they’ve won like 6 preseason games in the last decade. The point is that Peyton Manning IS the Colts, and without him the team just isn’t the same. Kerry Collins has a good arm, but he can’t do what Manning does. And Curtis Painter? How does that guy have a job? He’s yet to do anything but fail in the job. On top of that, the Colts defense was built around Manning’s ability to shoot it out with anybody, which is a plan in need of rethinking. Cleveland is a strong young team with new coach (Pat Shurmur) who hopefully does a better job as a coach than as an offensive coordinator. Colt McCoy looks better every week, and Peyton Hillis is a beast. They aren’t going to be winning their division this year, but I’ll be damned if people won’t be taking notice of the Browns in the coming weeks. Barring injuries, of course.


Daniels: If Vegas gives us anything less than 14 points for the Colts against the Steelers next week, it’s a gift.  The Colts may be so bad this year that the league awards Peyton the previous decade’s worth of MVPs.


Glazer: So, the Colts are going to be historically bad, right?  This is how they looked at home against the Browns.  The Browns themselves?  They will be bad, and the reason is their defense.  Frighteningly, I can see this being the most the Colts score all year.  Be ready to start all your fantasy guys against either team.

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