NFL 2011 Week 2 Thoughts and Commentary: Jacksonville Jaguars – 3, NY Jets – 32

Jacksonville Jaguars – 3,  NY Jets – 32


Rhett Davis: When you are a QB and you have a total of 59 yards and FOUR interceptions, it’s hard to say that your job is a safe one.  Luke McCown had better show up next week or he’ll be benched if he isn’t already.  Besides that, the Jaguars are a horrific team and they have been pretty much so for years.  There’s really not much to say on this game other than the Jaguars need to wake up.


Grey Scherl: The Jets may have sped up Jacksonville’s timetable a bit, as after 4 picks and enough offense in the game for a single field goal I think the Luke McKown experiment is over, and it’s time for the Blaine Gabbert one to begin. Sure, Gabbert didn’t score while he was on the field after relieving the ‘vet’, but he did go 5 for 6 with 52 yards compared to McKown’s 6 for 19 with 59 yards and four picks. And a safety. I think he’s done. I think Gabbert starts next week against the Panthers, and honestly, I think it might be an improvement. The Jets, on the other hand, took advantage of everything the Jags had to offer and completely abused them. This despite the fact that Mark Sanchez threw two picks of his own, but hey, that’s Sanchez, and the Jets will never get to the Superbowl until he stops throwing as many picks, if not more, than touchdowns.


Daniels: Didn’t learn much from this game.  The Jets won a game they should win and the Jags under Luke McKeown lost a game to a good defense.


Glazer: I forgot the Jets could blow people out, but, well, the Jaguars are playing hard in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.  Mark Sanchez looked as good as he ever does, and, well, it’s possible this is a confidence builder that helps him rise from the bottom of the QB rankings and make the Jets a true AFC favorite.  It’s hard to see this going down against a better team, though.



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