NFL 2011 Week 2 Thoughts and Commentary: San Diego Chargers – 21, New England Patriots – 35

San Diego Chargers – 21, New England Patriots – 35


Rhett Davis: It’s going to be hard to stop the New England Patriots right now and it’s going to take more than San Diego had to offer to do so.  Once again, Tom Brady had a phenomenal game throwing for over 400 yards and scoring 3 TD’s.  The Chargers didn’t do themselves any favors by losing control of the ball three times within the Patriot 35 yard line.


Grey Scherl: What happens when two of the best quarterbacks in the league go head to head? One of them chokes, one of them doesn’t. That’s the story of Phillip Rivers career, as his two picks in this game are what cost his team the game. I’m not a Chargers fan, but it always baffles me how a team with a 4,000+ yard QB can’t even win the AFC Championship. And then I watch them play, and for as good as they can be, Rivers loses his cool too easily. Mike Tolbert isn’t the kind of running back that really is going to open them up either. Sure, Green-Ellis isn’t that much better, but Tom Brady IS that much better than Phillip Rivers. That’s how New England can dominate a team while doing less than a hundred yards on the ground. That’s how 375 yards and two TD’s is rendered useless. That’s why they’re the perennial favorite to go all the way.


Daniels: This game was probably the most overthought game for picking reasons last week.  Guess what everyone?  If you started the last three seasons picking the Patriots to win and cover every week until they didn’t, you went something like 42-6.


Glazer: So, if I’m taking credit for the Ravens, I should own this one not going well, right?  I really thought the warm weather would help the Chargers, but, well the Chargers absolutely got destroyed.  At this point, there is little reason to ever bet against New England.  They win and cover pretty much constantly.  Tom Brady is the best football player I’ve ever seen.  I don’t know what it will take to beat this team.  The best bet was Asomugha on the Jets and, well, here we are.  Is 16-0 in play again?

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