Justin Lin Chooses Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Fast and Furious 6

Justin Lin is a hot property in Hollywood nowadays because he managed to breathe life into the Fast & Furious franchise. Having been attached to the reboot of the Terminator franchise, Lin was given a choice: either stay with a potential new franchise without a guarantee of Arnold Schwarzenegger returning or stick with the franchise that brought him to his current level of fame.

Lin is sticking with the car franchise per Deadline Hollywood.

What does this mean? Lin’s a hot director right now and could still wind up back with the project, depending on scheduling, but it’s the smart move to stick with the Fast & Furious franchise. He can always circle back if his schedule opens up but the last Terminator film did fairly poorly compared to the rest of the franchise against a Fast & Furious film that was just as big as the rest of the films.

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Source: Deadline Hollywood