10 Thoughts on TNA IMPACT WRESTLING 09.22.11 – Fortune, Mickie James, Austin Aries

Reviewing the 9/22/11 episode of IMPACT WRESTLING…

1. Kazarian and Traci Brooks vs. Jeff and Karen Jarrett could be an interesting way to get both couples involved at Bound For Glory(BFG) for a meaningful storyline. As long as Traci has a chance to knock the block off of the most annoying voice in wrestling, Karen Jarrett. Or should I say “One of” see Thought #2. This week Kaz came back to where Karen was berating Traci and Kaz called her out on being a Madame if she thinks TNA is a “Ho House” as Karen screeched. Karen called Jeff in probably the most fake quickest cell phone call you’ll see in your life as Kaz took Traci away.

2. Last week TNA had some of the best backstage segments they had in a while. This week some of them were just downright awful. The Mexican America vs. Ink, Inc. brawl was one of them. Anarquia is challenging Karen Jarrett as the most annoying character in all of wrestling and he might be worse because of the stereotypical repetitive garbage he spouts out every week. If I cared enough or wasn’t annoyed enough I would make an Esse or Odele or Holmes meter for him. Man, that character is just awful. You aren’t Eddie Guerrero, Anarquia. You aren’t even Konnan. Someone please tell Russo that as well. Speaking of Russo and show producers, while I can go back and find out what happened to Ink, Inc, the point of a wrestling program is to recap the feud and show us what happened. This did not happen at all. Why should we care if TNA doesn’t seem to?

3. Is there any reason TNA can give me as to why suddenly Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam are so buddy/buddy? Weren’t they the worst of enemies just a few months back? How can that flip flop just because Anderson left Immortal? Realistically bad blood does not disappear like this in what wrestling is simulating. I’ve stopped talking to people for lesser infractions. At least give us a reason or touch on the fact that they don’t like each other instead of some lame ass promo that looks like RVD and Anderson have been buddies since day one. Whoever is writing or producing this should really know better. And if a wrestler cares about their character, then they should remember that when the camera lights turn on. And if you want examples, here is the start of two promos “We haven’t always seen eye to eye and we may never be best friends, but this is one tough motherfucker.” or “I hate this guy and I’m pretty sure he hates my guts, too, but I’ll go to war with this guy any day of the week.” Give me something, TNA. Sheesh. At least give me an ounce to know you’re trying.

4. I make no bones about admitting that Kurt Angle got me into giving TNA a consistent shot every week as a viewer. However, I have to admit that he has just been totally off his game on these promos as a heel and really makes me wish Kurt was a face again if only for the fact that his promos were a thousand times more believable. Right now, Bobby Roode is just kicking the crap out of him in the promos as is Fortune in general. I sincerely hope Kurt’s best days aren’t behind him on the mic because Kurt still has his A game in the ring. These past few weeks since joining Immortal, especially this week with the terrible segment with Jeff Hardy and opposite Beer Money this week, it’s like I can see right through Kurt’s acting and that just exposes the business almost as bad as that Mexican America/Ink Inc. segment earlier in the show. Maybe Kurt isn’t comfortable as a heel anymore. I don’t know what it could be. He was so good as a heel before. Maybe it’s just being in Immortal that just sucks the life out of everyone.

5. The best segment(s) on the show by far was the AJ Styles vs. Daniels brawl. Very well done and a nice prolonged and intense brawl that really lights this brewing feud on fire. They also inserted Kazarian very nicely into the mix as a peacemaker which still gave another opportunity for Daniels to get in a cheap shot and solidify himself as the heel in the feud by kicking AJ in the balls. Kazarian did drop a nice hint of feeling Chris’s frustration at Daniels being fired twice which made his segment with Daniels backstage following the break that much better. They can definitely get deep with the feud if they continue to try to one up what they started here. Highlight of the show by far. I can’t praise this enough as it really has to lead to a major pay off at BFG. Looking forward to where this goes. This saved the show for me.

6. Move of the Night:

a. Mickie Jame’s jumping DDT on Miss Tessmacher

Sick looking. Gotta give credit to Brooke for making this look good.

Also loved Kurt’s belly to belly on the outside to Storm and A-Double’s humiliation amateur ride on Sorenson.

Probably the biggest save of the night came when Aries saved the football which almost went into the crowd after Sorenson hit him on the outside after his “Heisman” impression. Aries knocked the ball back into play in a very funny looking spot which really made no sense except for the fact that he knew it had to be used in the finish. With the football set to be used in the finish, that would not have been good. Might be good to have a spare like having Kash come down with one if that ever happens in the future. I doubt the fan would have given it back. Nice save, Austin.

7. Line of the Night:

a. Taz to Mike Tenay talking about Brooke Tessmacher on the prospect of wrestling with her ring coat on

Taz“Well, no. I don’t think she should wrestle with anything on. I mean no, not the jacket anyway… That could be career suicide, but I don’t mind watching it.”

8. Notable Matches of the Night

Non-Title Match

Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle vs. Cowboy James Storm 

TNA/Kurt Angle teased a James Storm heel turn, but seeing as it would have idiotically came out of nowhere, it was nice to see James turn on Kurt’s supposed plan to mess with Robert Roode as Storm ended up challenging Angle to a match. Actually a pretty entertaining match up and James Storm’s best one on one match I’ve ever seen up until the end. Kurt performed a nice belly to belly on the outside and there were a few other great spots, but Gunner ruined this match with his interference which really ended in a no contest when Robert Roode came out to stop Gunner’s beatdown on Storm. Roode stopped short of hitting Kurt with his own title as he just stared at the belt then laid it down before Kurt before tending to Storm to end the show. While we were deprived of Daniels vs. Roode, this match was an okay bonus. Despite Kurt’s crazy out there mic skills as a heel, he still delivers in the ring.

X-Division Title Match 

Champion A-Double Austin Aries vs. Jesse Sorensen 

Interference by Kid or as I thought Taz said at one point, Coach Kash. Speaking of Coaches, both Austin Aries and Kid Kash messed with Jesse Sorensen’s football he brought to the ring. Austin Aries hilariously ran around the ring with the football and did his own impression of the Heisman pose. The match ended after Kid Kash took Sorensen’s ball and mocked him during the match. An angry Sorensen after having the ball tossed in the ring threw a pass right into Kash’s back which set him off. A-Double took advantage of the distraction to steal the victory. I like the rivalry between Kash and Sorensen. Nice job by everyone and Aries plays his role perfectly. The guy is gold in that ring and that is both by his wrestling talent and the ability to play the crowd and entertain. The “shushing” of the crowd is great. Aries is a one of a kind talent. The match was solid and I give Sorensen credit for delivering his end of a good match.

9.  Final Show Thoughts:

None of this week’s Jeff Hardy segments came close to his encounter with AJ Styles last week. Al Snow’s felt too much like Devon’s where I’m sure their real talk might go differently, but it was too sympathetic. Morgan’s kind of had a better realistic feel while mixed with kayfabe, but not as solid as AJ Styles had me. Kurt and Jeff’s interaction was ridiculously over the top it might as well have been a joke, but I suppose it had to be done to integrate Jeff into a story. X-Division title match was good as was Kurt and Storm’s but constant interference bores me. As long as they would promise never to taint finishes on the PPV, then this is understandable, but after a while it gets old watching it on Impact Wrestling TV every week. Brooke vs. Mickie was short, but Mickie’s facials especially after the Ass-tastic were great. Nice match to watch both in ring as well as the participants. A little short, no pun intended, but seeing as I love Mickie and Brooke, it was nice to see them go at it. RVD was found underneath chairs, presumably taken out by Jerry Lynn(and Bully Ray?), which was a great way to avoid seeing RVD vs. Lynn until the PPV. That also made the handicap match of Anderson vs. Bully Ray and Jerry Lynn. Ray got the win for his team after constant pin breaks and distractions by his partner Lynn. Prolonging the pay off of Anderson beating Bully Ray until BFG. Unless they want to make it hardcore, but this match/feud needs to end there no matter who wins.  I think any longtime fan after watching the Sting vs. Hogan story unfold this week on TV regardless of spoilers can see where this is leading now. Thankfully it’s a little more clear from the nuances of the show despite how everything is set to play out. It’s scary the thought of seeing these two headline the PPV, but the build up will be there without question. Really nothing else to write home about as this week’s show really failed to capture the solid nature of what was delivered last week. That’s a damn shame as they really had some good momentum there. The problem with TNA remains consistency. If you want to keep fans and hold their interest, you can’t occasionally throw out a solid or great show, you need to do that every week. I won’t ever accuse these guys or girls for not trying, but there needs to be a voice and producer really saying “hey, this idea, story or what was produced was NOT good here. Let’s try this again.” Some weeks I really wonder how some of TNA’s stuff makes it to TV.

10. IMPACT PLAYERs of the WEEK: 

Fortune(Daniels, AJ Styles, Kazarian, Beer Money), Mickie James, Austin Aries

All of Fortune showed why they should be involved in huge storylines because they can deliver. Mickie advanced to face Velvet and Winter for Winter’s title and A-Double picked up a nice entertaining win over his #1 contender.

That is all.

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