The Lone Ranger Rides Again! Disney Eyeing Early 2012 Re-Start

The Lone Ranger was scheduled almost six weeks ago due to budgetary reasons by Disney but it was far from being cancelled entirely, apparently. Deadline Hollywood has an exclusive that the film is back on for Disney.

Budgeted down $35 million to roughly $215 million, The Lone Ranger will begin production in early 2012.

What does this mean? When they tried to replace everyone, or make them take pay cuts, Disney was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Thus the power of negotiation between Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney was able to find a number they could make work.

I tackled this the week after, as well, so now it’s rather amusing that everyone is back in the saddle again.

What do you think? Is the film’s production a good thing or were you hoping it’d stay away.

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Source: Deadline Hollywood