New He-Man & The Masters of the Universe Classics Figures Revealed at Power-Con

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Mattel was at Power-Con this past weekend in Los Angeles, and they have a ton of new stuff on display. Among them, MattyCollector put up some details on upcoming figures.

“Traveling Convention” Figure: Temple of Darkness Sorceress
This is an all-white redeco of the Sorceress, as she was shown in the vintage mini-comic “The Temple of Darkness.” She’ll arrive with her white magic staff and new Orb of Grayskull™ stand (the Orb itself was included with our King Grayskull figure in fall 2010). This Sorceress will be our 2012 “traveling convention” figure, much like the three JLU 3-packs are for 2011. We haven’t locked down the itinerary yet, but we expect NYCC and Power-Con to be two of the shows we attend in 2012. Any unsold units of this special redeco of the Sorceress will be sold on in late fall 2012, but you can get her first at Mattel’s traveling shows! (P.S. She will not be sold at SDCC or in any subscription.)

April Club Eternia Figure: Stinkor
It’s the henchman with stench, man! This servant to Skeletor® really smells just like the vintage toy (think patchouli with a little extra sumpin’ sumpin’). Comes with two interchangeable heads, backpack, shield and all-new blaster. Included with 2012 Club Eternia subscriptions.

April Club Eternia “Oversized” Beast: Griffin
Take to the skies with the evil winged steed of Beast Man® and reign terror throughout the light hemisphere! Based on the Battle Cat buck (new head, rear legs, neck, saddle, head and tail), this new beast is the perfect choice for sending wicked warriors soaring into battle. Included with 2012 Club Eternia subscriptions.

April Non-Subscription Item: Snake Mountain Stands

Can’t stand your evil warriors? Here’s your chance to get them in fighting position with this great non-sub item featuring reconfigurable base and rock spikes.

May Club Eternia Figure: Slush Head
The evil goon squad member from the Tri Solar System enters the universe at long last. Another great mutant warrior to add to your collection, Slush Head comes complete with arm tentacles, axe and removable head dome you can really fill up with water! Included with 2012 Club Eternia subscriptions.

May MOTU 30th Anniversary Series Figure: The Mighty Spector
Created by our very own Toy Guru, Scott Neitlich, from a childhood sketch, The Mighty Spector is the heroic master of Time Travel. He’s an undercover agent ready to serve the royal household any time, any place. Comes complete with blaster and swapable laser whip/knife (not shown). Included with 2012 MOTU 30th Anniversary Series subscriptions.

These are just some of the awesome items we’ve got planned for 2012. As we recently announced, prices for figures purchased during the monthly sales will be higher than those purchased through the subscription. If you want to make sure you get every one of the subscription figures shown above , plus save on figure prices and combined shipping, then make sure you sign up for both Club Eternia® and the 30th Anniversary Series. But don’t wait… the sale ends Monday, October 3rd at 11:59pm!

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