Baltimore Ravens Crush Rams, Established as Super Bowl Contenders? NFL Week 3 Commentary

Baltimore Ravens 37 – St Louis Rams 7


What to say about this kind of butt-kicking?


A fan of both teams, Grey Scherl rips into his hometown squad: The Rams played like absolute shit and they paid for it. Joe Flacco reminds me that I should have taken him in fantasy this year, Steven Jackson makes his not-so triumphant return, a few new stars are born in Baltimore, and Danario Alexander commands double coverage. If the Rams could have put up twenty-five points, this would have been a phenomenal game. Instead, the Ravens ran up the score while making the Rams look like amateurs. I can’t believe I stayed until the fourth quarter.


Balanced Andy Mac? The Ravens continue to ride something of a roller coaster this season.  They dominated a hyped up Steelers team then faltered against an average Titans squad.  Luckily this week they came out and did exactly what good teams are supposed to do against worse teams: namely, dominate them.  The Ravens turned in a great performance on both sides of the ball, and last week’s loss not withstanding are still the class of the AFC North.  The Rams are still not a good football team, but they are starting to put the pieces in place to steadily improve over the years the way the Lions seem to have improved.


Unless you just want to kick the Rams while their down, again, like Daniels: This was just utter road domination.  It’s unbelievable how much the Rams are missing Jackson.  It turned them one-dimensional and easy to predict.


My Take: The Ravens are a great defense that lost to an inferior team last week and came out ready to kill an offense that’s been out of sorts since Jackson went down.  Bradford doesn’t have the receivers to top the Ravens, even with their weak-ish secondary, and he really had no time to operate.  He needs weapons if the Rams are ever going to compete.  Flacco, meanwhile, looks like he might really be dangerous with a deep threat.  If Torrey Smith can do that, the Ravens take a leap forward this year ahead of the Steelers.  If not, well, the offense will again look the way it did last week.  Quite the swing and quite the pressure on a young receiver.  Who would have though, though, that after three weeks the Ravens look like they may be the class of the AFC and the Steelers seem to be going backwards?

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