Spoiler Warnings: What Changes Are Made To Kyle’s Origin In Green Lantern: The New Guardians #1

With all the changes being made across the DC Universe, an issue opening up with an origin story can be a scary scene when you like the character, right? Well, thankfully Kyle’s isn’t changed too much.

Ganthet still arises, the last surviving Guardians of the Universe, and he makes one last Green Lantern ring to give to his would be Torchbearer.

However, Kyle is in New York now, instead of California. Nitpicky, sure, but Kyle moved out to New York after his girlfriend was murdered, in part due to the loss.

Also, while he still got the ring in an alley, Ganthet actually gives him a mild crash course now instead of dumping the ring on him and leaving immediately.

Nothing drastic, but it does mean that Kyle was chosen for his ability to overcome fear and not for being the closest person who might be able to make the ring work. It also gives Kyle a more personal connection to Ganthet than he’d had in the past.

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