Wednesday Comments – The New DCU – Week Three: Tragedy Strikes

A new week means new DC #1’s. Unfortunately there was a mix up at my shop and I didn’t get DC Comics Presents or Wonder Woman last week. It was a mistake and they should be waiting for me when I pick up my books today.

Honestly this week was full of middle of the road books with a couple of controversial titles. But let’s get into my thoughts on them, shall we?

Green Lantern Corps – I’m glad to see John Stewart prominently featured in a book again. Seeing John and Guy trying work out non-GL lives was fun. It always fun when Tomasi injects real world ramifications to the plethora of metas. He did it with his Nightwing run too.

It was also good to see the various Lanterns again. The beginning of the book was pretty graphic. Pasarin’s art was smooth as always. This was easily the best book of the week for me.

Blue Beetle – I’m so glad to see Jaime back in his own solo title again. I loved his original run so much. And it was fun seeing Paco and Brenda again, who in my mind, are two of the best supporting characters ever.

The writing was crisp and the art by Guara and Jose was awesome. The colors were bold. Everything was glorious.

I will say that it almost felt like too much was going on, especially since some of the stuff was rehashed from the original run. It took around two years for the The Reach, La Dama and the rivalry with GL’s to all pop up and here they are in the first issue of the new run. I do hope that Bedard has some surprises up his sleeve.

Batman – First off, I’m glad Snyder’s still writing Batman. The story was solid and I really appreciated the emphasis on Bruce Wayne. I liked seeing him interact with his sons and Gotham’s citizens.

I was cool with the redesigns that Capullo did with the Bat-rogues. I also appreciated Batman’s relationship with the GCPD. I also liked the emphasis on Gotham. This was a solid issue.

Nightwing – I’m so happy to see Dick on his own as Nightwing again. I liked the emphasis on acrobatics. And seeing Dick back under the big tent was a treat. I like the mystery guy hunting Dick Grayson.

I will say that I feel like I’ve seen “Dick visits the circus” stories a few times before, so it feels slightly rehashed. Also, I would have liked to get a glimpse at what his supporting cast is going to be.

Birds of Prey – First off, I loved seeing Jesus Saiz’s art again. I’ve missed his lines so much. The new line up for BoP is very intriguing. It’s also sort of fun to figure out what has happened and what hasn’t. Apparently Dinah’s still wanted, which is sort of cool.

I also loved the hook of the reporter after the story. But, yeah, this looks to be an interesting run.

Catwoman – I didn’t really have a problem with this book. I’ve seen Guillem March’s art before. I loved his work on Gotham City Sirens and he’s draws sexy women in provocative poses.

I also enjoyed Winick’s story. I’m very interested in seeing how big a role Lola plays as I find her to be a character that I just want to learn more about. And I didn’t really have a problem with how the book ended either.

Captain Atom – First off, I really loved evolution in Freddie Williams II’s art. It sort of reminded me of Samnee’s art. Every page had me marveling at his stuff. It’s come so far from his run on The Flash.

The story was just “eh.” It was a decent first issue in that characters are introduced, but I sort of wish something more had happened. The cliffhanger was good, so I’ll be back next issue.

Red Hood and the Outlaws – Now, I can totally see how this book pushed all the wrong buttons. Because I viewed Kory’s issues as “plot points” rather than “character definition” I’m holding judgment. I honestly believe that her condition is something that’s going to be revealed as malevolent and will have ramifications.

I did like the banter between Roy and Jason, especially their bickering about being the worst sidekick. I’m also intrigued by Essence. Given all off the bad press I just really hope that this book redeems itself.

Supergirl – I really do like that the DCU is cautious about heroes and aliens and that Kara’s arrival was an event. But again, this is an issue that saw little happening. I did like Kara coming to terms with her powers and whereabouts.

Legion of Super-Heroes – While I like the concept of the Legion, I’m really (still) not loving Levitz’s return to the team. I really wish things would get better. I do love Francis Portela’s art. If it weren’t for my love for the Legion, this book would be dropped.

Three weeks down, one more to go. By the time you read this I’ll probably be digging though this week’s comics. Anyway, see you next week.

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