10 Thoughts on TNA IMPACT WRESTLING 09.29.11 – Robert Roode, AJ Styles, Fortune

Reviewing the 9/29/11 episode of IMPACT WRESTLING…

1. Taz really sounded like a nerd trying to be cool when commentating alongside Austin Aries.

2. The Earl Hebner bit with Madison Rayne made for a fun TV match where most matches on TV are pretty mean serious these days, the bits had a light hearted feel that you might find on a house show more than TV.

3. Okay it has been officially stated that Samoa Joe fractured Crimson’s ankle. I did some research and the average recovery time before someone can even walk on the ankle is 6 weeks. In TNA story time it’s been 4 weeks. Now I now wrestlers are always going to be portrayed as super human, but for pete’s sake, before Joe “reinjures” Crimson’s ankle, he’s friggin’ jumps out of the ring like a madman to get to Joe and starts kicking him with that supposedly recovered leg. Words can not describe the insane amount of dumb logic being employed here.

4. Devon’s kids interfered in The Pope vs. Mr. Anderson match leading to an irate Devon coming out to take them away. I like where they could be going with this. Devon is trusting The Pope these days but was still on him for what happened out there. It might turn out that his kids turn on him and side with The Pope. Or will they bust out on their own and feud with Pope and Devon? Some interesting possibilities here.

5. Consistently, the Fortune segments have been some of the best. From Kaz’s concern for his friends backstage, Daniels’ brief cocky comments, Storm’s Roode-supportive comments, the Fortune match and the post match exchange between AJ Styles and Robert Roode, all good stuff. Speaking of Roode, the Bound For Glory video package on Roode was incredibly well done. TNA is doing everything right in building him up to be a credible contender for Kurt Angle’s title and possibly win it at BFG.

6. Mark of the Night:

a. The women in the crowd crying at Hulk Hogan’s pre-retirement announcement speech.

7. Line of the Night:

a. Austin Aries talking about Zema Ion’s performance in the X-Division #1 Contendes Ladder Match

Austin Aries“I’ve heard he climbs a lot of trees in the Phillippines where he grew up. So maybe he has a slight advantage there.”

b. On Madison Rayne’s flirting with Earl Hebner during the match

Taz“Maybe she digs older guys. I don’t know… There’s almost rigor mortis setting in with Earl Hebner. That’s another story…Don’t get me wrong I like him.”

c. To Crimson why he didn’t finish the job and allowed him to come back to TNA

Samoa Joe“Well…without Crimson in TNA, who else is going to be my bitch?”

8. Match of the Night

AJ Styles vs. Robert Roode 

Very nice match filled with counters and the psychology that as Fortune members they know each other like the back of their hand. Roode and AJ both seemed well scouted by each other and the match was a nice exchange of chain wrestling, holds and counters. It built up solidly and told the story it needed to tell in getting Roode ready for Kurt Angle. AJ realistically at the end in the locker room exchange admitted he brought his best, but also asked Robert when he did win, if he can have a shot. Good stuff all around here.

9.  Final Show Thoughts:

Hulk Hogan announced he’s at the end of his road in an in ring announcement that is a precursor to a retirement party next week in Knoxville, TN. TNA rightfully so inserted snippets of a skeptical Sting to keep the storyline going and add intrigue. While Hogan did a good job being sincere, TNA still has a big match to sell, so they did the right thing with this. Matt Morgan saved Crimson from Samoa Joe’s deadly leg lock setting up a mutual respect factor between the two big men and possibly something more down the line if they ever lock horns. The Jarretts got into a heated in ring confrontation with the Kazarians, Frankie and Traci as well as Gunner got involved as last week he cheap shotted James Storm, this week he attacked Kazarian and left him laying for Jarrett. Brian Kendrick became the #1 contender yet again for the X-Division title winning a 5-man ladder match to gain the contract to fight A-Double Austin Aries at BFG. Kendrick did next to nothing in the match which kind of cheapens the victory. I’m kind of tired of seeing Kendrick vs. Aries. With Kash feuding with Sorensen and Ion not quite established yet in TNA, it would have been nice to see Aries vs. Shelley one on one at the PPV. Maybe they could have had Ion go heel on Kendrick to start a feud there. The final spot in the Knockouts four way title match at BFG was solidified as Madison Rayne beat Tara to join Mickie James and Velvet Sky in facing Winter at the PPV for her title. Bully Ray cost Mr. Anderson his match with Pope with a kendo stick from behind while the ref was on the outside. The matches are getting a build up and there is intrigue, but the Fortune match and segments were the backbone of the show as they have been since the last PPV. No question they are the MVPs of the show and worthy of Hogan mentioning them in his in ring “passing of the torch” storyline speech or not.

10. IMPACT PLAYERs of the WEEK: 

Robert Roode and AJ Styles

I continue to express that the confidence TNA IMPACT WRESTLING is showing in the Fortune guys to carry the ball is well deserved even in their smallest segments. The match Roode and Styles had was solid.

That is all.

M.C. Brown

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