Kurt Russell In Negotiations For Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained

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One imagines it would be hard to have to place Kevin Costner in a strong supporting role for a film, which is exactly what the Weinsteins and Quentin Tarantino were left having to do. But they picked perhaps the best possible replacement: Kurt Russell.

That’s right, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the ’80s cult action star is in negotiations to join Tarantino’s spaghetti western. He’ll be stepping into the role of Ace, a man who oversees the plantation in a ruthless manner and that also relishes punishing slaves. Jamie Foxx will step into the titular role as Django, a role originally that had Will Smith circling around it, and will be joined on screen by Samuel L Jackson, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kill Bill minor star Laura Cayouette. Cayouette will play DiCaprio’s widowed sister, a southern belle who co-owns the plantation.

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Russell was last seen in Tarantino’s Death Proof.

What does this mean? If you’re going to replace someone who could be as good as Costner in the role, Kurt Russell is one of the few choices of grizzled former leading men turned character actors that would absolutely work in the role. Tarantino brought out a disturbing and dark performance out of Russell in Death Proof and this one, targeted for a December release, will undoubtedly have Oscar buzz all over it for Russell.

It’s also another casting coup for QT, who appears to be getting a stronger cast for this film than he did for anything he’s done previously. The expectations are also being raised with each high profile actor that jumps aboard; it’ll be interesting to see if he can deliver on it.

What do you think? Is Tarantino making the right move by adding Russell? Or is there someone else you’d have preferred to see in that role? Let us know below!